After Jennifer received a voicemail from school officials informing her that Ethan Crumbley was searching for ammunition on his cell phone, the text was just one of many between them.

Judges must determine if enough evidence exists to bring Jennifer Crumbley and James Crumbley to trial for involuntary murder charges. This case is unusual as parents are seldom held criminally responsible when their children are involved in school shootings.

The Crumbleys are currently in jail on $500,000 bond. They are accused of giving Ethan a gun and not intervening when Ethan showed signs of mental distress, both at home and at school. The Nov. 30 attack on Oxford High School in Detroit, about 30 miles (50 km) north of Detroit left four students dead and several others injured.

Jennifer Crumbley was notified by the school that they left a voicemail the day before the attack, informing her that a teacher was concerned over Ethan’s ammunition search on the phone.

Ed Wagrowski (a computer crime investigator at the Oakland County sheriff’s office) read aloud a series text messages between his mother and her son.

“Seriously?? Are you looking up bullets at school? Jennifer Crumbley wrote.

Her son said, “Oh yes. That was why I went to the office. Because I was curious, all I did was to look up a specific caliber at the conclusion of class. It was completely harmless

Jennifer Crumbley asked, “Didn’t you at least show them your new gun?”

“No, I didn’t show them any pictures. He wrote back, “My God!”

According to the Crumbleys attorneys, the couple did not know that their son was planning an attack. They also didn’t make it easy for their son to locate the gun in their home.

Karen McDonald, the prosecutor, said that she was trying show that the couple had committed gross negligence. The manager of the stable where the Crumbleys had two horses, and visited the Crumbleys three to four times per week was her first witness.

McDonald’s questions were meant to demonstrate that McDonald’s parents seemed more concerned with the horse’s health than their son’s mental well-being.

Wagrowski read aloud texts written by Ethan to his mom last March. The teenager claimed that their house was haunted by a demon who was throwing bowls. The investigator stated that Jennifer Crumbley was riding on a horse and did not respond to the call.

Jennifer and James Crumbley were called to school the morning of the shooting and faced with Ethan’s drawings. They included a gun and the words “The thoughts will not stop.” Help me,” authorities said that Ethan’s parents refused to take him home following the meeting of 13 minutes and told them to seek counseling.

Amanda Holland, a coworker at a brokerage company, stated that Jennifer Crumbley had shared a photo of the drawings with her when she returned from school.

“I told her it was scary. Holland testified that Holland agreed.

Holland stated, “I suggested it would be nice for him to go see a movie and have lunch.” Holland said that she should have brought him back. It was a disturbing picture and the child should be with his family.

Holland said Jennifer Crumbley felt “failed as a parent” and that she believed it was sarcastic.

Andrew Smith, Jennifer Crumbley’s boss, stated that she had shared a photo of the drawings with her, but he didn’t immediately take it into consideration.

Smith testified that Smith had heard her say that her son needed counseling. Smith said that she believed she spoke of a relative’s death and the passing of a grandparent. She felt like she was failing him or a failure to him.

Smith stated that Jennifer Crumbley had expressed concern about losing her job in the late afternoon after the shooting.

Smith said, “Please don’t judge my son for what he did.” “I was shocked she was concerned about her job at the time.”

Ethan Crumbley has been charged with adult murder and other offenses. His lawyers filed a notice to the insanity defense. This will likely cause his case to be frozen while experts examine it.

James Crumbley was not the focus of Tuesday’s proceedings, but his frantic voice filled the courtroom as prosecutors showed a 911 call that he made shortly after the shooting. He stated that his son, Oxford High student, had reported that a gun had been stolen from his family’s house.

Shannon Smith, defense attorney, wiped Jennifer Crumbley’s eyes with a tissue during hearing. Because of wrist restraints, she couldn’t do the task by herself.

On February 24, the hearing will be resumed with additional testimony.