Mónica Oltra was personally in charge of choosing who should be her successor in all the positions she held before resigning due to her imputation in the judicial case that investigates the alleged cover-up of the sexual abuse of a minor under guardianship for which she was sentenced to five years in prison. prison her ex-husband Luis Eduardo Ramírez Icardi.

From the time he announced his resignation until his “cessation” was made official in the Official Gazette of the Generalitat Valenciana (DOGV), exactly eight days passed. During this time, Oltra decided on the name of the person who would replace him on all of his charges while he fights his battle on the judicial front.

Thus, it was the leader of Compromís herself, with the approval of the three forces that make up the coalition (Més Compromís.

Initiative of the Poble Valencià and Verds-Equo), who appointed Aitana Mas, a person of his utmost confidence, as his successor at the head of the Vice-Presidency of the Generalitat, the spokesperson for the Consell and the Conselleria de Igualdad y Políticas Inclusivas.

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During these days of reflection to choose her replacement, Oltra signed a final resolution as vice-president and councilor to summon 16,272 vacancies in the care sectors for people with functional diversity, childhood and adolescence, people in a situation or at risk of social exclusion, whose investment amounts to 1,316 million euros.

Now, Aitana Mas, who is a member of the same party as Oltra (Poble Valencià Initiative), has admitted in an interview in the newspaper “El País” that it was she herself who called her to personally offer her the position of vice president, spokesperson for the Executive regional government and head of the Ministry of Equality.

After having entrusted the position to a person of her greatest affinity, Oltra sees a tough fight in court for the alleged cover-up of the sexual abuse committed by her ex-husband on a minor under the care of the Generalitat. Upon losing her appraised status, the Superior Court of Justice of the Valencian Community (TSJCV) suspended her statement, scheduled for July 6.

Thus, her judicial future returns to the hands of magistrate Vicente Ríos who cornered her by opening an investigation into the case, in which he has charged fourteen people from the Department of Equality and Policies, including senior officials such as Rosa Molero, general director of Childhood and Adolescence, which Ximo Puig maintains in his post.

This same Monday, the Civil and Criminal Chamber of (TSJCV) has issued an order by which it agrees to return to the Court of Instruction number 15 of Valencia the open investigation against the former vice president of the Generalitat and thirteen other people for the management of the case sexual abuse of a minor in care.

The magistrates have declared the lack of competence of the Chamber to continue with the investigation and knowledge of these facts once Oltra’s resignation from the position of regional deputy and, therefore, to her status as appraised before the high regional court has been documented. .

However, Aitana Mas asked for time to decide on the future of this high position, while waiting to analyze the situation in which the department she directs since last Thursday finds herself. “It is important to assess things, have all the information available and I think it would be very imprudent for me to make decisions without having all the data,” defended the new spokeswoman for the Consell.

Last Thursday, the transfer of portfolios from Mónica Oltra to Aitana Mas became an impromptu tribute to the historic leader of Compromís, who did not make any kind of statement, and in which the new vice president clarified that she was not her replacement “because it is irreplaceable.”

The applause and gratitude of the leaders of the Valencian formation and other related positions during their farewell contrast with the silence of the Generalitat Valenciana, which has eluded recognition of the young woman who denounced in an interview with ABC the “helplessness” she suffers from part of the public administration.

María Teresa T. M., also known as Maite, lamented the neglect she suffers from the political authorities despite the fact that Oltra’s ex-husband -her educator- was sentenced twice for sexual abuse: “It makes me think that I don’t exist, It’s not that they don’t talk about me, it’s that they don’t seem to believe anything. “No one has apologized to me, it’s as if I didn’t exist,” she concluded.