North Korea has again fired ballistic missiles towards the open sea, according to its neighbors South Korea and Japan. Three short-range missiles from North Korea were located today, the General Staff said in Seoul. UN resolutions prohibit North Korea from testing ballistic missiles of any range, which – depending on the design – can also be equipped with a nuclear warhead.

According to the information, the rockets started in an area south of the North Korean capital Pyongyang and then flew towards the Sea of ​​Japan (Korean: East Sea). The rockets flew about 350 kilometers and then fell into the water. South Korea’s military accused the isolated neighboring country of renewed provocation. According to reports from the Japanese news agency Kyodo, the Japanese government protested Pyongyang’s behavior via its embassy in Beijing. China is credited with influencing North Korea’s leadership.

Missile tests in South Korea

A day before the recent North Korean missile launches, the Ministry of Defense in South Korea said it had again tested a solid-propelled launch vehicle for military purposes. South Korea had already carried out such a test at the end of March. The space rocket is intended to launch smaller military satellites into low orbit for Earth observation.

The conflict on the Korean peninsula has become significantly more explosive in recent months. North Korea not only fired ballistic missiles at an increased frequency, but also intensified its rhetoric against the governments in Seoul and Washington. South Korea and the US resumed full-scale joint military exercises this year over the threat posed by North Korea’s nuclear weapons program.