Once again, the federal police in Saxony discovered refugees who had entered the country illegally: The 49 people, including 20 children, were locked in a van for several hours in high outside temperatures, as a spokesman for the Ebersbach federal police station said on Wednesday. MDR Sachsen had previously reported online about the smuggling discovered on Tuesday evening near Oberseifersdorf in the Görlitz district.

The migrants came from Syria and Turkey. The spokesman could not yet provide any information about her health. While checking the van, the federal police arrested two suspected smugglers, aged 27 and 32.

“Migration has been increasing steadily for months and there is a lot of smuggling on the Balkan route,” said the Federal Police spokesman. The federal police regularly provide information about the arrests of smugglers. Bautzen CDU state parliament member Marko Schiemann recently spoke of a dramatic situation at the federal external border. He called for more personnel to fight the smugglers.