Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock warns against one-sided partisanship with regard to the Gaza war in view of the traditional Easter marches. “People in Israel must not be played off against people in Palestine,” Baerbock told the Funke media group. Humanity is indivisible.

“Everything else is extremely dangerous.” The Green politician continued: “And we must not pit our desire for peace against peace in Ukraine. The same applies here: This is not a ‘but’, but an ‘and’.” For more than 60 years, people have demonstrated against nuclear weapons and for peace at Easter. The main day of action is Holy Saturday, on which around 70 events have been announced in Germany.

“Of course, in view of the suffering and fears, it is sometimes easier to simply ignore one side or one suffering. But that does not take away the brutality of war,” said Baerbock. She was given hope at Easter by people who are not giving in to populism and black-and-white thinking during this brutal time. “We must never give up hope, otherwise iniquity will prevail in the world.”