The burrito is considered a masterpiece of Mexican cuisine. The filled tortilla roll has been prepared from corn flour and traditionally filled with vegetables, meat and beans since the 19th century. This makes the traditional dish aromatic, fresh and crunchy at the same time, quickly prepared and ideal for using up leftovers.

But the burrito is at least as versatile and convincing in its salad version. Throw all the ingredients of the original into a bowl – i.e. everything that actually belongs in the filling – and enrich it with crisp lettuce, rice and/or tortilla chips . Especially in summer, the bowl variant is a great alternative to prepare a nutritious, yet light dish. Fresh tomatoes, kidney beans, shredded chicken, fine strips of steak or minced meat and of course guacamole, salsa and sour cream make their way into the salad. Also delicious: Cheddar or Asadero cheese, lime juice and chilies and/or coriander. Last but not least, rice or tortilla chips – preferably made from corn flour, as is traditionally eaten in Mexico – serve as a filling side dish.

By the way, translated “burrito” means “little donkey”. The reason for this is probably the folded ends of the burrito, which are reminiscent of the ears of a donkey. However, some claim that the dish is called “little donkey” because the rolled flat cakes are reminiscent of the luggage rolls that were transported on donkeys long ago. From luggage rolls to dog-ears, there are plenty of reasons for burritos, as well as this quick-to-prepare burrito salad. Bon appetit.

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