The defendant took note of the verdict as the court had experienced it on the previous 15 days of the hearing: staring, motionless, silent. Judge Peter Goebels told him in the Rostock district court that he had killed his family with extreme brutality and cold-heartedness and executed the victims. He is guilty of triple murder. The verdict: life imprisonment with a determination of the particular severity of the guilt, which means that an early release from prison after 15 years is almost impossible.

The judge reminded the 27-year-old that after a brief relocation to Baden-Württemberg, he had led a hedonistic, selfish lifestyle there that was characterized by enormous indifference. In order to be able to continue this after returning to Rövershagen, he wanted to remove his father as an obstacle and, to cover up the crime, executed his sister and mother in a “perfidious and vile manner”. According to Goebels, the accused’s motive is at the lowest level.

Even after the crimes in February 2022, he continued to live his life as if nothing had happened. This also included parties with friends.

family executed

The crimes were cruel: on February 7, 2022, the accused shot the father (52), who was sleeping on the couch, several arrows in the head with a crossbow. But the father was not dead immediately. The son then got a garden machete with a 23 centimeter blade and stabbed the father, who ultimately bled to death.

From the point of view of the public prosecutor’s office, too, he wanted to eliminate a “disturbing factor” with his father that was preventing him from continuing his lifestyle. The son had previously owed several tens of thousands of euros in Baden-Württemberg. The family moved from Siberia to Germany more than 20 years ago. Both unrelated children were adopted but, according to Richter, grew up like biological children and siblings.

He used a pretext to lure his unsuspecting sister (25) to the family home in Rövershagen. With the promise of a surprise, the defendant got the nurse to kneel down on a foil in the hallway with opaque glasses and hearing protection. He then shot her three arrows in the head and stabbed her as well. The mother (48) suffered the same fate four days later.

“Basically, you proved yourself to be the executioner,” the judge told the accused. There is no doubt that he is the perpetrator. Release from prison after 15 years is out of the question.

defendant fully culpable

With the verdict, the court followed the demands of senior public prosecutor Thomas Peters. He had attested to the man’s high criminal energy. The accused insidiously and brutally wiped out his next of kin and acted “ice cold” and without empathy. An expert certified the accused in the process full culpability.

The defense attorney had called for an acquittal in her plea. From her point of view, none of the evidence, statements and expert opinions should have been used, since her client was not or not sufficiently informed about his rights during the police interrogation. The judge was harsh on the attorney. She was only concerned with “gimmickry”.