Kylian Mbappé and the Olympics? A long story… And an objective on the way to being realized, in two years, in Paris. The 23-year-old Parisian striker, at the heart of the news in recent days after extending his contract with PSG, had already expressed his desire to take part in the Olympics in the past. In fact, he would have seen himself well in Tokyo with Sylvain Ripoll’s Blueberries. “I always said it was a dream. Afterwards, it doesn’t just depend on me”, he said in 2019. In this case, the PSG had asked him to choose between the Olympic Games and the Euro with the A’s. It was quickly seen … ” It was a goal but they quickly pulled the rug out from under me,” he gritted last year.

Of course, the situation has changed. It will not be the same story for 2024. With PSG and Real at his feet, Bondy’s star was able to ask the leaders of the two clubs pretty much what he wanted. And in this case, the assurance of being able to be released for the Paris Olympics in 2024 at Paris-SG…

“We talked about it in the outlines of the contract with the club. It will be the 100 years (since the 1924 Paris Olympics, editor’s note), in Paris, it is one of the biggest sporting events ”, he indicated this Monday, in the 8 p.m. newspaper of TF1. In 2024, Mbappé will be 25, but each team has the option of selecting three players over 23. And to continue: “Sport is emotions, feelings. An opportunity to play such a competition in front of families, friends, the whole world watching you, it is not to be neglected, it is a childhood dream, I always said that I wanted to participate in it and I hope I get the chance.” Except injury, it will only depend on him this time.

And this even if the big Blues can also be concerned by the European championship in Germany, from June 14 to July 14. At least if the French team is qualified, of course… Summer loaded in perspective for Mbappé, knowing that the Paris Olympics are scheduled from July 26 to August 11. When we love, we don’t count. And “KM” loves the game and the responsibilities so much, that nothing seems to be able to oppose seeing it on all fronts.

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