In April, Bears running back David Montgomery stated that his focus is on the field and not on the fact that he was in the last year of his rookie contract. He also said that he has become a fan of Matt Eberflus’ offseason work.

Eberflus loves players who are strong motor-driven and play mean. These traits have been evident in his running back career since he was hired by the Bears earlier in the year.

Courtney Cronin,, said that Eberflus spoke about “motor and mean” in his statement. He’s serious, a professional, worker — he will be an exciting to work with and fit right in. He is the type of guy that just says “Hey, let me go.” He’s not going to say too many things but just let me do my job. ‘”

Eberflus also praised Montgomery’s contribution to the passing game. It seems that the running back will get a lot of work this year. Contractual matters should be handled if all goes well.