Bad Boys Stars Martin Lawrence and Will Smith Captivate Mexican Fans During Awkward Dance Session

After a concerning video of Martin Lawrence from the Bad Boys Tour with Will Smith went viral, social media has been dissecting his every move, including this awkward dance session in Mexico that made Martin look very uncomfortable. Smith’s vivacious personality shows up immediately, setting a high bar for Lawrence to live up to as the band played and the Mexican crowd cheered on the Bad Boys co-stars who are on a world tour promoting their new film.

“What happened to Martin Lawrence looks like is not him!” said one concerned commenter on TikTok.

Martin has battled a number of health issues in recent years, and it reared its ugly head again when Smith had to hold his hand to steady him on stage in the middle of their tour. This time, Lawrence stood on his own, but his muted dance and distant demeanor in Mexico did not do anything to halt the speculation over his well-being. An interview last week showing slurred speech and loss of motor skills was the first red flag, with some social media sleuths likening his actions to those of someone who had a stroke. Lawrence has opened up in the past about his bipolar disorder, which is another possible source of his noticeable mood. However, there is no confirmation that he is dealing with any health problems presently, despite the claims of social media.

The friendship and affection that Martin Lawrence and Will Smith profess for each other has been shown again during their recent visit to Mexico to present the fourth installment of “Bad Boys to Death.” In this country, they filmed scenes from the third film in the saga, “Bad Boys Forever”, demonstrating from the beginning their appreciation for the place and the public’s affection. Before walking the red carpet, the actors were met by the hundreds of fans present, eager to capture the moment when Will Smith and Martin Lawrence arrived at the venue.