Next Saturday, June 18, the Toledo poet María de Gracia Peralta will present her new collection of poems entitled ‘La libertad de las waves’. The act will take place, starting at seven in the afternoon, in the Gardens of the Castle of San Servando. Published by the publisher ‘Ledoira’, in the book the poems move with lucidity and compassion between emotions and feelings, as stated in the presentation of the work. In addition to the author, the editor, Jesús Muñoz, will take part in the act. ‘The freedom of the waves’ is part of the poetry collection ‘Partiendo de la luz’.

After ‘The Symmetry of the Soul’ or ‘The honey behind the opposite wall’, María de Gracía returns with this new work that represents «an invitation to the freedom provided by writing itself (a freedom similar to the freedom granted by the sea , a freedom akin to the swaying of the waves) and a nod to the importance of classical languages ​​and the word itself as a source of expression»