After a fire broke out Monday morning in a West End apartment and destroyed several suites, a 37-year old man died.

According to Vancouver’s fire chief, the building at 1255 Pendrell St. is believed to be without a sprinkler.

Chief Karen Fry stated that there were “heavy flames coming out the window of the unit” and that the glass had been broken. She also said that the unit was soaking up the floor above.

The fire that began in a lower-floor apartment.

The fire caused extensive damage, and many units were damaged before Vancouver firefighters managed to control it.

Fry stated that two people, a man and a women, were admitted to hospital for smoke inhalation.

Three people were killed in a bungalow fire that erupted on the opposite side of the city the day before. These fires increase Vancouver’s total fire deaths to four in 2022, compared with five in 2021.