Fuentiduena del Tajo is said to have been a strategic enclave during the Reconquest, but it was more used as an isolated fort in elections to elect the president of the Community of Madrid. Jose Antonio Dominguez, the socialist mayor of Madrid, was at the helm. A castle was the symbol at that time. Now it is a tiny red dot in a blue spot in southeast Madrid.

The “curse town” is home to a group of “freaks”, who live there and compete in “interactive” role-playing games that are based on Lovecraft’s horror stories. 34.5% of the municipality’s more than 2000 inhabitants voted for Angel Gabilondo while 30.7% voted for Ayuso. According to a City Council employee the rest of “good people” distributed their votes without apparent differences in the 60-square kilometers.

The land of Elena Soriano, a writer, has a “marked rural personality”. Its economy is based on olive and vine agriculture, as well as construction, which has seen a boom similar in other areas. 500 euros per square meter. It is easy to see why this price is so much higher than the capital, which is about 50 km away by good roads.

It is now a popular spot for marathon runners and cyclists who travel from the city center under the shadow of Clock Tower to the hermitage via cultivated land and along the banks of Tajo and Tajuna’s rivers. The iron bridge is the City Council’s assurance that it was constructed by the same people who built the Eiffel Tower. It was inaugurated in 1876, a decade following Prim’s flight in response to the uprising in 1866. Those who resist the current of politics do not flee. They resist, even though they are not able to attend the July 2013 celebrations of patron saints. We’ll see.

El Atazar can now appoint its own King, just like the town of Patones that it borders. It is small and set in a lush green environment. Most of its neighbors voted for the PSOE, despite not reaching 100. Gabilondo was supported by 34.9%, starting with Juan Pablo Lozano, his socialist mayor. Another 28.5% supported PP. Between the two was the abstention. 64 of the 94 residents did not vote in the place of a main street, several meandering, well-preserved homes.

It is now the second spot on the blue chart of regional politics. Romans, Visigoths, and Arabs built watchtowers on their 30 kilometer properties. This place in the Sierra Norte was transformed from a manor into a village and now a municipality. It is home to farmers and ranchers whose land borders the Atazar reservoir. Sometimes rebellious with some floods. It is not an abandoned or empty town. In fact, the per capita income of its residents is much higher than the national average. After a tie between popular and socialists, the mayor won the office of mayor by tossing one coin.

According to Tercer Milenio, they claim that UFOs have been sighted from the mud in its reservoir. At least one was documented in 2012. According to tour guides, a video captures the meeting of several credulous in this small town of “beautiful sights” and “fabulous homes”. It was unnecessary to throw a Euro to determine if the euro was heads or tails this time.