In the face of an anguished France with many urgent problems, Emmanuel Macron addressed a solemn message to the nation on Wednesday afternoon, announcing the need to “start a new way of governing, based on dialogue and compromise between the different parliamentary forces.”

The party and the presidential coalition won a relative majority last Sunday, with an exceptional growth of the populist extreme left and extreme right. Faced with this historic knock, Macron devoted Monday, Tuesday and part of Wednesday to meeting personally with the leaders and representatives of all parliamentary political forces, drawing this conclusion: “A majority of opposition leaders do not seem to accept the project of a eventual government of national union.

Faced with this first provisional balance of two days of talks, on many sides, the President of the Republic summed up his basic political conclusions in this way: «France has to face urgent problems. We cannot be paralyzed. We need to keep reforming. In my opinion, there are only two alternatives: the negotiation of a government coalition; or negotiate the punctual support of each project, which the various forces will be able to qualify, in the National Assembly».

In practical terms, Macron opens two alternatives for the political future of France:

First: his party, Renaissance, and his coalition, Together, could try to negotiate the formation of a government coalition with the traditional right of Los Republicanos (LR).

Second: your government could present reform projects (purchasing power, aid, reform of the national pension system), which some parliamentary groups could negotiate and/or approve, in the National Assembly, at a variable geometry rate.

“We must negotiate and build commitments of a new kind,” Macron insisted in his brief eight-minute speech, adding: “I cannot ignore the deep divisions that have been reflected in the legislative elections. I cannot ignore the deep anguish of our citizens. However, this is not the time to be paralyzed. France needs to be governed in a different way, building commitments of a new kind, with clarity and mutual respect».

Macron has entrusted his government and parliamentary groups with the urgent task of beginning to unravel the possible agreements, total or partial, with the Republicans, the socialists and the environmentalists. Without excluding the extreme right and the extreme left, if these forces accept any dialogue.

Once this urgent task had begun, the French president announced that, after the European summit, on Thursday and Friday, in Brussels, it would be time to start working and build a new mode and method of government for a France whose risk of paralysis also worries the rest of the world. the rest of Europe.