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It’s D-Day. Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen will cross swords live on television this Wednesday at 9 p.m. An appointment, arbitrated by journalists Léa Salamé and Gilles Bouleau, and particularly awaited since the outgoing president did not debate with his competitors before the first round. The poster obviously recalls that of 2017: that year, the president of the National Rally had “stumbled” during this television meeting, followed by more than 16.5 million French people.

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After various negotiations and draws, it is purchasing power, the flagship theme of the far-right candidate’s campaign, which will open the 2:30 ball. And it will be Marine Le Pen, placed on the right of the screen, who will speak first and last, indicated TF1 and France 2 which will broadcast the debate. The exercise does not usually upset the dynamics of voting intentions. But, faced with a score that the polls announce much tighter than in 2017, it could this time remobilize certain electorates, estimates Brice Teinturier, deputy general manager of Ipsos France.

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An open corridor to evacuate civilians to Mariupol. After three days without a humanitarian corridor, kyiv announced that an agreement had been reached with Moscow to organize an evacuation of civilians from the city in the south-east of the country on the verge of falling into the hands of the Russian army. In this city, the authorities fear the death of 20,000 to 22,000 civilians. Julian Assange soon to be extradited? British justice has formally authorized the extradition of the founder of WikiLeaks to the United States, which wants to try him for espionage. Westminster Magistrates Court in London has formally issued an extradition order and it is now up to UK Home Secretary Priti Patel to approve it, although defense lawyers can still appeal to the High Court. Complaints after “bites” during evenings in Grenoble. Six people have filed a complaint, after having received potential bites at parties. The six victims, two men and four women aged 17 to 22, explain that they were “victims of injections that caused discomfort” during evenings in nightclubs and a concert in Grenoble. An investigation for administration of harmful substances has been opened by the prosecution. Netflix is ​​losing subscribers, a first for 10 years. A halt for the streaming giant. After years of conquering users at high speed, the platform lost 200,000 subscribers worldwide in the first quarter compared to the end of 2021, a first in more than ten years. And he expects to lose even more in the spring. This news tumbled the action by 25% after the closing of the New York Stock Exchange on Tuesday. PSG close to concluding. After winning the Clasico against OM at the Parc des Princes (2-1), Paris Saint-Germain travel to face Angers this Wednesday, at 9 p.m., on this 33rd day of Ligue 1. In the event of victory, the Parisians will be officially champions of France for the 10th time.

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After the scams linked to the professional training account, the Vitale card renewal scam seems to be claiming more and more victims. Among them, Laura *, 36, who, after receiving an SMS inviting her to renew her Vitale card, immediately communicated her personal information, including that of her bank card. “People are much less wary of SMS”, regrets to the Parisian Cybermalveillance, the national device for assistance to victims of online attacks.

With his bank details, the thieves were able to take action. Laura later received calls from a fake bank clerk, spoofing the number of a real bank branch. A man, pretending to be a bank adviser, then asks her to validate certain transactions in progress, assuring her that she will be immediately reimbursed. Laura’s account will finally be debited more than a thousand euros. We tell you the techniques of this scam which targets more and more consumers. *Name has been changed