Luis Enrique Martinez acknowledged the poor game against the Czech Republic. Spain now has two points, leaving it with four games to play in the group stage of League of Nations. He took on all the responsibility, as the players are eager to win and want to be happy. This is complicated because La Roja, as champion, must qualify and La Roja cannot fail in the two remaining games against Switzerland and the Czechs.

It has not been the outcome or the team we wanted. From the beginning, it was a sloppy game. The first half was a constant struggle against a very close opponent. In the second, we made some improvements, but this type withdrawal can be solved one against one or combinations with a few touches. Today, we are not inspired,” he said. The post-match interview with the Spanish coach.

It has been proven again and again that it is not easy to win away from home. We were defeated by eleven men, all of whom were aggressive and strong. “The result is what it was, but we didn’t deserve to lose,” stated the Gijon man. He admitted that the Spanish team could benefit from the changes. “Everyone contributed something within the difficulty, and that is what they’re for.”

Gavi was again mentioned by him, stating that his entire player kit is the best. He frowned when asked about repeated defensive mismatches. The defense starts with the striker and continues to the interiors, pivots and ends. Today, it is clear that pressure and tilting did not emerge from the beginning. Accept the responsibility that is mine.

The Spaniard ended the night with the most optimistic part. The good news is that we haven’t lost, that our rival has not added 3 points, and that no team has reached the finals in consecutive four. We rely on you and we will continue to give cane

Inigo Martinez, on his part, was not happy with the tie against the Czech Republic. However, he did arrive with a header just before the end. After the game, he said that “the goal has served as an equalizer, but we are screwed” because they had scored two goals in two actions for them and it has cost them a lot.”

It is difficult to attack a competitor who has pulled out from the beginning and was playing long balls behind you. This is not what we expected and you must accept that things aren’t working out the way they should. Is it possible to be negative about so much change? They do not affect. The Athletic player continued, “All of us who are here are here because they deserve it.”