It’s a race against time, but the many helpers are not giving up in their search for six-year-old Arian, who has been missing since Monday evening near Bremervörde in northern Lower Saxony. The search measures initiated have not been successful so far, a police spokesman said on Friday morning. But the search continues. “We still firmly believe that we can find Arian safely,” said Police Chief Inspector Michael Butt on Thursday.

On Friday night, additional search tools were used: children’s songs were played and so-called skybeamers were used. These are headlights that project a beam of light into the sky, the police said. Together with the children’s songs, the Skybeamers are intended to provide incentives for the missing boy to visit the places.

Check sheds and garages

After completing the search in the area along the Oste River in a northerly direction, the emergency services want to search the district where the boy lives again on Friday. According to a fire department spokesman, all sheds and garages should be opened and checked. Accordingly, garbage cans should also be searched. Garbage collection for this Friday has been canceled. Manhole covers should also be opened. The fire department wanted to provide information about the planned measures via loudspeakers.

On Thursday evening, the Bundeswehr increased the number of forces sent to the search area by 60 more Air Force soldiers. Around 250 soldiers had already arrived on Thursday. These were army forces from the municipality of Seedorf in Lower Saxony.

Search with drones and chocolate

During the search, helpers used drones, a helicopter and a Tornado plane that took aerial photos with a thermal imaging camera. In a wooded area adjacent to the boy’s family home, the helpers set up wildlife cameras to spot the child. The helpers also hung up balloons and chocolate in the hope of finding the boy. Fireworks were also set off because Arian liked that, as a police spokesman said.

Michael Butt from the Bremervörder police addressed the emergency services in the sports hall in Elm on Thursday. There have been several examples in the past that the boy could still be found safe and sound, the police said in a statement.

According to the information, Arian is autistic and does not respond to speech. The emergency services assumed that he would not report if he noticed people nearby. After several cold nights, the police spokesman spoke of a very serious situation. Police believe the boy left home on his own.