The Leonese town of Riaño will host on Saturday, July 30, the fifth edition of the free Music in the Mountain festival, which will feature performances by Loquillo and Los Zigarros, starting at 9:30 p.m., although the doors are closed They will open an hour earlier.

The appointment will be in the round of Santander, in Riaño, where a large stage and chairs will be located so that all music fans can enjoy the show. The first to take the stage will be the Valencian group Los Zigarros and, after them, it will be the time for the Barcelona singer Loquillo, one of the icons of Spanish rock.

In addition, with the aim of highlighting the natural attractions of the region, during the weekend of July 29 and 30 different free activities have been scheduled as a prelude to the festival with a total of 200 seats available.

On Friday night, July 29, there will be a nocturnal chiropteran recognition workshop at the Casa del Parque de Valdeburón, located in the town of Lario, while on Saturday morning it will be time to tour the Valle de Hormas from the hand of an expert naturalist.

For geology enthusiasts, on the 30th an interpretive walk through the Riaño area has been organized by a biologist specializing in the interpretation of geological heritage and a member of the Geological and Mining Institute of Spain. Finally, the butterflies and their importance in the Riaño mountain will be dealt with in the workshop that will take place on the morning of the concert.

This was announced this Friday by the Minister for the Environment, Housing and Territory Planning, Juan Carlos Suárez-Quiñones, at the Town Hall of this municipality, where he also presented the celebration of the fifth edition of the Riaño Trail Run sports event, which will be It will be held on June 10, 11 and 12 and will tour the Palentina Mountain, the Picos de Europa National Park and the Riaño and Mampodre Mountains Regional Park.

This sporting event, which over three days will unite runners from different parts of Spain and the world, aims to measure themselves on the route devised by the runner Miguel Heras, of the Salomon international team. Throughout the three stages that make up the test, the participants will travel more than 90 kilometers with 7,000 meters of unevenness and will be able to enjoy both the high mountains and the forests and meadows of these spaces.

Participants will be able to register for each of the stages or for the whole of the Riaño Trail Run, both in the individual and team categories, although as of today 87.5 percent of the 400 available numbers are already covered.

The first stage, with a distance of 38 kilometers, will start in the town of Caín de Valdeón, from where it will ascend through the Canal de Mesones y Puertos de Cuba, and then descend through the Canal de Capozo and Bosque de la Farfada, in the direction of Cordiñanes de Valdeón. The race continues up the Vega de Llós and Cimera del Frade, from where the runners will descend towards Vegabaño, Soto de Sajambre and Oseja de Sajambre, the finishing point.

The second stage, on Saturday the 11th, will have a circular route of 20.6 kilometers starting and finishing in Valverde de la Sierra. In this stage, you will ascend towards Espigüete, continuing through the peaks of the Montaña Palentina Natural Park. On the last day, the runners will leave Salamón and finish the test in the town of Riaño, after traveling 22.8 kilometers and climbing Pico Gilbo, from where they will descend towards the finish line.