Lillet is a French wine aperitif that has made many drinks successful in the past – such as the Wildberry Lillet or a Lillet Hot Berry. This year, however, another homemade cocktail is supposed to sweeten our summer: the Lillet Rosé White Peach. Here’s how you can easily recreate the trendy drink at home.

If you want to try out the trendy drink of the summer at home, you only need four ingredients: Lillet Rosé, Schweppes White Peach, a fresh organic peach and ice cubes (for example in the shape of a rose, to match the drink).

For four people or cocktails, use 100 milliliters of the French wine aperitif and 200 milliliters of lemonade. If you would like to prepare fewer drinks, reduce the quantities accordingly. Only two steps are necessary to prepare a Lillet Rosé White Peach.

The summer drink is said to have a slightly sweet, tart note thanks to the mixture of Lillet Rosé and Schweppes White Peach. If you like, you can also round off the cocktail with a shot of whiskey – ideally with a smoky aroma. Well, get it!

And one more tip at the end: The drink is available ready to serve, bottled in small bottles. “The sparkling mix is ​​made from Original Lillet Rosé with a homemade fruity peach mix enriched with natural aromas of white and yellow peaches,” is the description on the Lillet website.

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