To find the first electrified model of the Lexus brand in Spain we have to go back in time to the year 2005. Now, in full ‘electrifying’ fever, the Lappish brand presents what is its second 100% battery-powered model, although in The practice is the firm’s first vehicle designed from the ground up as an electric model, the RZ 450e.

It is not simply about putting a battery and an electric motor on a new platform. According to those responsible for the firm, it is more about “making a Lexus-style electric car, that is, focused on the customer and always with the fundamental principles of quality, comfort and innovation.”

And the new model, which already accepts orders in Spain through its website, and whose first units will arrive at dealerships starting in November, meets these three precepts.

The Lexus RZ will have three trim levels to choose from: Business, Executive and Luxury, with prices from 73,000 to 85,400 euros. All of them with a 10-year guarantee. Lexus ensures that in those ten years or a million kilometers the car will maintain 90% of its load capacity. Externally, the brand’s new design signature stands out, especially differentiated if we look at the car from the front. It is a hybrid between an SUV, mainly due to its height from the ground, but it also has the clear design of a coupe saloon. His focus is on comfort and space for the occupants, both the driver and the passengers. Something that is achieved thanks to the two electric motors, located in the front and rear of the vehicle, which leaves a great length to attach the seats. As for the trunk, pending official approval, it reaches 550 liters of capacity.

The model features the introduction of advanced technologies such as the One Motion Grip Steering System, the first in the world to combine the new steering wheel with Steering Yoke design, together with a steer-by-wire steering, where the wheels are driven by a system smart electronic.

It features the new DIRECT4 all-wheel drive system. The front motor produces 150 kW and the rear 80 kW, giving a total power output of 230 kW (313 hp). The RZ is the first production model to feature Lexus’ new DIRECT4 system, which works with both e-Axles. DIRECT4, a Lexus-exclusive technology, is an intelligent system that constantly balances four-wheel drive, automatically and perfectly distributing tractive effort.

The new RZ has a range of more than 400 KM in the combined WLTP cycle. Thanks to attention paid to key factors such as optimizing vehicle weight, battery power and performance, the RZ is expected to consume less than 18 kW per 100 km. Available with two types of charging, it can recover 80% of its electricity in just 30 minutes through a 150 Kw direct current plug, while in an 11 Kw alternating current plug it takes six and a half hours to charge the batteries. 100% batteries.

The new model is available with 64 different interior lighting colours, with a high degree of personalisation, and using 30% “bio” materials, such as plant-based vegan leather upholstery.