Francois Verriere, the National Rally candidate in six Pyrenees – Atlantiques constituencies for the June 12th and 19 legislative elections, has the most political experience. Francois Verriere, a regional councilor and multiple times candidate in the previous elections (departmental, municipal, in Pau …),), is the departmental secretary for the party Marine Le Pen. He represents the first constituency which includes Pau.

He targets Josy Poueyto’s succession, whom he describes as “Macron’s candidate in the service of an project of social destruction, deconstruction of the country”. In whom he sees his main rival, Jean-Yves Lalanne (mayor of Billere), candidate for the Nupes union of left.

“Here Marine Le Pen made a huge breakthrough with 34.5% during the second round. “I think I have a good shot of being in round two and winning,” says the candidate from the far-right party. He will face him in particular as a Zemmourist candidate (Laura Theret of Reconquest party) or a sovereigntist candidate (“David Ponsard Vidal, Union for France).

Francois Verriere (52), a territorial civil servant, emphasizes his roots. “I was born in the constituency and I still live there, like Sylvain Gallouin, my deputy,” says Francois Verriere, a 45-year old maintenance technician who lives in Lescar.

The National Rally promotes “purchasing power, security” through its campaign themes and program. Everyone sees the rising cost of food and gasoline, sometimes exceeding 2 euros per litre. We propose to tax energy at 5.5% and remove VAT from 100 essential necessities.

The RN promises to increase police and justice resources, as well as to build more prisons. What amount of money? What money?