Together! Stanislas Guerini, Francois Bayrou and Edouard Philippe co-signed the Communique from Together!

Together! has established the presidential majority. This coalition includes seven parties (La Republique en Marche, Horizons, Agir Territoires du Progress, Parti Radical, In Commun and Horizons), which is now Renaissance, the Democratic Movement. Together! has organized the campaign for the legislative election. “While there are some who seek to create doubt, the presidential major is very clear: Antoine Armand, its only candidate in the constituency […], is the president’s majority. If any other candidates claim to be part of the presidential majority, it is a usurpation.

This is the main development of the Macron camp in a constituency that will see 15 candidates compete for votes. Some are centrists or other right labels that can cause problems. We are most fondly aware of the clarification request made by Sophie Cluzel to Lionel Tardy (LREM). This former LR presents itself as a variety right, representative for the right and center, open to both the presidential majority. This position is ambiguous enough that the presidential camp will be compelled to clarify the situation in a constituency in which Les Republicains will officially support Catherine Pacoret’s candidacy for UDI Catherine Pacoret.