Lebanon: Attempted Attack on US Embassy in Beirut

The Lebanese army thwarted an attempted attack on the US Embassy in Beirut on Wednesday morning, injuring a Syrian man in the process. The incident, which lasted nearly 30 minutes, resulted in a gun battle between the army and the assailant.

According to local media reports, the embassy confirmed the attack and stated that the situation had been resolved, with an ongoing investigation. The Lebanese army reported that they had shot and wounded the gunman, who was subsequently arrested and taken to the hospital.

The attack took place at the entrance of the US Embassy in the northern Beirut suburb of Aukur. This is not the first time the embassy has been targeted, as it has faced multiple attacks over the years, with the deadliest incident occurring in 1983, claiming the lives of 63 individuals.

As tensions remain high in the region, the Lebanese authorities are continuing their investigation into the attempted attack on the US Embassy in Beirut.

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Source: AP, Reuters