Disagreements continue in the candidacy for the 2030 Olympic Games, which Catalonia and Aragon should jointly prepare. The distribution of the tests is one of the reasons for the controversy, which has forced the COE to intervene. The new chapter has been written by the President of the Government of Aragon, Javier Lambán, who has revealed on Cadena Cope that he will send an official letter today to the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, to formally request him to intervene and “put order” in the candidacy olympic “We are not going to give an iota,” the politician has bluntly assured.

Lambán has been very critical and has recalled that, in September 2021, Pedro Sánchez, the Minister of Culture and Sports, Miquel Iceta, and the president of the COE, Alejandro Blanco, visited Zaragoza to commit themselves “before the Government of Aragon and the Aragonese public opinion to promote a candidacy on an equal footing, so that the distribution of evidence is carried out in terms of equity and balance in quantity and quality.

Lambán added: «At the same time the Generalitat de Catalunya said no, that it would be an eminently Catalan candidacy and that Aragón could participate as a troupe in the minor tests».

Lambán accuses the president of the COE of favoring Catalonia and makes it clear that “not only out of respect, but out of economic interest we cannot participate in unbalanced and unequal Games.” “The COE considered the conversations broken in the technical field and called the parties to a public meeting, to which the Aragonese Executive announced that it would not go,” he added. The Aragonese politician has assured that he has always intended to dialogue and has proposed alternatives but has always obtained “the slam of the door for an answer.”

The head of the Aragonese Executive has lamented that his latest proposal, presented last month, “was not even heard.” Then, it was proposed that the most important tests be divided into blocks in masculine and feminine, and distributing both modalities between the two regions, proposing that Catalonia choose first. “We were not even heard. Under these conditions we cannot participate, we cannot agree », he lamented before recalling the great investment they have made to increase its tourist attraction.

Lambán explained that when he was invited to participate in the candidacy, he understood that it was “a good opportunity to try to get the independence supporters back into the constitutional fold, involve them in a state project, on an equal footing with a neighboring community, which would allow an important step for the political normalization of the country. However, he has acknowledged that “at the moment things are not going in that direction, although I still trust Pedro Sánchez, since the last thing to lose is hope.”

«My confidence in the COE has been quite reduced, it is urgent that Pedro Sánchez intervene, because otherwise, far from advancing towards the constitutional recomposition of the country, what we will have done is go back, we will be verifying that the return to the fold is more broken than we think,” he warns. Lambán concludes by assuring that the Minister of Culture and Sports, Miquel Iceta, has played a “very discreet” role and has stressed that Aragon’s interlocutor has been the president of the COE, as decided by the central Executive. «Now we are in a new phase, I don’t know if it is terminal, I don’t know if we still have time to redirect things, but the confidence in the COE for Aragón has disappeared», he assures.