Isabel Diaz Ayuso has redeemed the vocabulary of adjectives. Some to praise, some to reprove. What else can she offer her? It doesn’t matter what they say about you. That is the important thing, according to Ivy Lee (the publicist to whom this reflection is attributed). There is no room to be indifferent with her. The “Elizabethans” are uncritical and unconditional in everything they say and do. While the unaffected are furious at his actions and occurrences, they cannot suppress a sardonic smile at him loquacity.

Beatriz Fanjul was the priceless leader of New Generations. She baptized Beatriz as ‘Lady Madrid,’ the title of a song written by Leiva 12 years ago about a woman who was “the Star of the Rooftops.” The most rock

She was able to deliver a uninhibited speech in 2019 and Pablo Casado thought highly of her during a time of emptiness at the Madrid PP following Cristina Cifuentes’s descent in hell. She was at the right moment. He frowned on more than one finger in Calle Genova 13 corridors, and the worst regional election results by the PP seemed to confirm that. Vox, however, was there to unlock the Casa de Correos at Puerta del Sol.

He used the pandemic as a window of opportunity to be known in Spain and became the PP’s representative during the crisis. He not only outperformed the baronial party of his party where he doesn’t have the best line-up, but also Casado. She has been praised by the right, from the extreme to the centrist, for her hard work as a battering-ram against Pedro Sanchez. She is the hammer and standard-bearer for an unnecessary anti-communism, which excites atavistic hatred.

This was all done in a zarzuelero tongue with a “because I feel like” accent, which has been the rage in Madrid. A madrilenian pride that is non-existent in the most Jacobin Spanish community and possibly the most anti-nationalist of Spain has been awakened through the use of empty concepts. “Living in Madrid means getting up at dawn and fighting every day,”; “It’s going the bulls, mass, or a disco”; and “being able walk without running into your ex.” He doesn’t drop the rings to rely on sentimental springs or victims of nationalism in order to decry alleged “Madrilenophobia”.

With his praises of “the beers afterwork” and fierce defense of bars and restaurants that have been open since the outbreak, he has made Madrid a “city bar”. She is the queen in the hospitality industry in Madrid. Madrid has also thanked her with “Ayuso style potatoes”, lots of eggs, and “La cana de Espana”, beer with her name on it. Madonna Ayuso>> even pizza with Madonna Ayuso>> and a ball of burrata and truffled mortadella, served at a Fuencarral street establishment.

Speech. It has awakened, with empty concepts, a non-existent sense of Madrilenian pride

Autonomy. She is a solo pilot, refuses interference from Genoa, and has a promising future in politics.

He is known for his casual, brazen language and relentless crusade against leftists, denigrating bread and salt. Mas Madrid’s suggestion to establish a four-day, 32 hour workweek was met with dismissal by his response. Or, those who are forced to wait in hunger queues are “maintained” and “subsidized.” Pablo Iglesias was “born from evil to do evil.” Sanchez and his associates, Bolivarians communists and separatists, are not granted anything by him. Extreme conservatism and populism are two sides of the same coin.

These wickers have created an independent political image that flies solo in the PP. He has demonstrated that he doesn’t accept interference from Genova Street. If Toni Canto is not convinced, Toni Canto has offered to travel to Valencians to collaborate with them after proving how little he can do in Madrid despite Sponsorship of Married. This is not like what happens in the PSOE. The leader of the PP does nothing to protect his candidate. He is aware that her political future depends on her success.

This is proof that Ayuso has an exciting future ahead of him. However, his heterodoxy, his prominent breaking and tearing, arouse domestic doubts not just among the left.