It is hard to believe that La Rochelle sport can be touched by grace. Sunday, May 29, afternoon, less that two hours before the parade on the quays for the European rugby champions was to take place, the Stade Rochelais Basket won against Caen (74-72) in its support match of half-play-off finals. This qualification will likely open the door to Pro B.

“That’s huge!” Many heard the “That’s huge!” on Saturday, May 28. They found their echo in Gaston-Neveur, where the match was completely sold out. They were under a lot more pressure than the rugby players. They had to follow their movements,” Isabelle smiles, excited about the “fierce match”. “So many twists & turns throughout. “And, above all, this thrilling final with this victory snatched from Gaetan Clerc in the very last sequence. It was reminiscent of a scenario that had been tested the previous day.

We can only be proud to this team and these players. The season is already a success for me,” said Sebastien, a Bastion Rupella member, who was shaking from the exhaustion of giving too much. Many of the 1,700 people who were there rushed to the quays at the exit. There’s no need to change your jerseys: La Rochelle wins in yellow and black.