“La Hora del vermouth” is back with the best Valencian appetizers. The Business Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality of the Valencian Community and Hospitality Valencia launch from this Friday, May 27, the second edition of the gastronomic event that will promote the Valencian vermouth paired with a signature tapa and that will last until June 12. More than fifty locals from all over the Valencian Community participate in this campaign to value this deep-rooted Valencian tradition, while promoting local products and gastronomy.

Vermouth, a recipe in which wine is combined with absinthe and whose essence comes from maceration with botanicals, herbs, roots, flowers… It is served as an aperitif before meals and is, for many, a sacred moment during which enjoy the company.

Honoring this special break and taking advantage of the infinite possibilities offered by this recipe, the catalog for this event draws on this richness to offer an impressive list of venues and its own vision of the appetizer, made up of Valencian vermouth and tapa.

The classic red vermouth opens a list of selections that also includes suggestions such as the muscatel-based vermouth, one with Petit Verdot, macerated with herbs from the Sierra de Mariola, white wine and a touch of Sprite or the Monastrell variety, cocktail with a touch of stick syrup… The options are numerous and they do not come alone, since each glass is accompanied by a cover worthy of this solemn moment.

Some of the tapas that will be enjoyed in this season sound like this: Valencian clòtxina ceviche, Coca d’oli with titaine, smoked eel and five peppers, free-range chicken and Iberian ham croquette, macaron with truffle butter, foie mille-feuille and smoked eel or salmon tartlet on cream cheese ball with toasted corn and crispy onion. All proposals are detailed on the website www.lahoradelvermutcv.es. In addition to information about each tapa or vermouth, opening hours and prices.

Vermouth time was born with a spirit of promoting the Valencian tradition and to promote local gastronomic culture, while encouraging consumption in the hotel industry. This event is part of the gastronomic promotion actions that CONHOSTUR and Turisme Comunitat Valenciana develop within the framework of their collaboration agreement for this year 2022.