Kate Winslet (48) comes up with a lot of ideas to celebrate her 50th birthday. The actress will be half a century old on October 5, 2025. She has already planned a lot for this. She doesn’t want to celebrate the milestone with big gifts. Instead, she thought of something else. “Here’s my plan. I want to do 50 incredible things for my 50th birthday,” she revealed on Virgin Radio’s “Chris Evans Breakfast Show,” as reported by the Daily Mail.

“It has to be acts of kindness, physical feats and probably something like trying food that I’ve never tried before. I would like something like that,” she elaborated. The “Titanic” actress wants to forgo presents for her big birthday. “We don’t need to get presents all the time, right? We can just do something, put something beautiful into the world, that’s better,” she emphasized.

The last anniversary has already shown that the Hollywood star doesn’t like it normally on his special day. “I have a strange desire to spend the day in a bikini,” she told the Daily Mail in 2015 about her 40th birthday. As requested, Winslet received two pot-bellied pigs named “Mable” and “Socks” as gifts.

Kate Winslet repeatedly emphasizes that she enjoys getting older. “I think women in their mid-40s think, ‘Oh, this is the beginning of the decline and things are starting to change and fade and go in directions that I don’t want anymore.’ And I just decided against it,” she explained on BBC Radio’s Woman’s Hour. She now sees herself as “more feminine, more powerful, sexier.”