Patrick Balkany is currently in Fleury-Merogis detention center (Essonne) and will find out on Monday whether the Evry sentence enforcement judge gives him conditional release or keeps him in prison. detention.

The hearing took place behind closed doors at the prison on May 19. The prosecution opposed the release of Mr. Balkany, considering that he “still opposes the principle of his conviction, even though its final nature which does not bode well to comply with the sentence adjustment measure.” The prosecution claims that the ex-elected LR only justifies the payment of a maximum sum of around 7,000 Euros, starting February 2022. However, the tax debt he is responsible to repair amounts to more than four millions euros.

Patrick Balkany (73), was taken into custody February 7. He was taken into custody on February 7.

His wife Isabelle was still in hospital following her suicide attempt in February and the electronic bracelet that he had placed on her wrist had been revoked.

For an estimated 4 million euros, the Balkany spouses were found guilty of not paying wealth tax between 2010-2015 and having paid grossly undervalued income taxes between 2009-2014. Euros of sums evaded.

The former LR mayor of Levallois Perret (Hauts de-Seine), was released from prison a few weeks later. In April, his lawyers filed a request to parole.

The prison integration and probation (Spip), which reviewed the request, issued an unfavorable opinion. However, the prison administration provided a positive opinion regarding the sentence adjustment.

He is 73 years of age and wants to spend the time with his family.

When AFP reached out to his lawyers Robin Binsard and Romain Dieudonne, they declined to comment on Monday’s decision. “Our client has spent twenty-months in prison. He is now 73 years old and would like to enjoy the time with his family,” he stated when the application was submitted.

Patrick Balkany’s sentence will be completed on April 21, 2023.