Olivier Cappelaere, already sentenced to 25 year imprisonment for attempted poisoning was sentenced Friday to life imprisonment with a 22-year security period for poisoning. This time, Olivier Cappelaere will be a nonagenarian. This conviction is in accordance with the requisitions made by the Advocate General. He stated that this crime was marked by “greed”.

Jacqueline Imbert (92), a widow from Cannet, Alpes-Maritimes, had been “his godmother in the heart”, as the 52-year-old suspect, who is currently in detention at the court of seated Nice, stated. He was found guilty of poisoning her with atropine in 2014. This powerful poison is contained in some eye drops.

“Jacqueline Imbert was killed for nothing,” said Christophe Raffin, Advocate General. He then demanded 22-years of life imprisonment for Christophe Raffin against Christophe Raffin. Christophe Raffin was a former entrepreneur who was in financial trouble.

Olivier Cappelaere, who had been Jacqueline Imbert’s universal legatee, had inherited 600,000.00 euros, which included life insurance, upon her death.

The accused would not be the first to commit such an act. Olivier Cappelaere was sentenced to 25-years in prison for attempted poisoning of another retired person, just a few months after he had been sentenced in 2019 to 20 years.

She had drank mineral water, which the accused admitted to having dilute his dog’s eye drops.

Jacqueline Imbert said that “he planned everything”, and had pleaded Friday morning to Me Ariane Kasch, civil rights lawyer, evoking victim, a woman “who had character” but “no suicidal wishes”.

The accused would have “bewitched his soul”: “The elderly are so afraid about death and loneliness that it is easy to grab any pole offered to them. But they are wrong, and Jacqueline L ‘learned hard the hard way.’ Me Corinne Dreyfus Schmidt (Olivier Cappelaere’s attorney) had called for an “amalgam” to avoid the two cases and asked that jurors “resist comforting the pre-established”.

Denouncing a failed investigation, marked with a total lack investigation”, and a testing trial, held at an electric atmosphere, she criticised the prosecution for wanting to “distort at all cost” the agreement between Cappelaere, Jacqueline, who, according her, was “happy with this relationship”.