Almost six years after the murder of a refugee on Amrum, the Flensburg Regional Court sentenced a 22-year-old to three years’ youth imprisonment on Thursday for aiding and abetting manslaughter. Three months of this are considered to be enforced due to a delay in the proceedings, as a court spokesman said. Like the entire trial before the Large Youth Chamber, the pronouncement of the verdict was not public.

It’s about the violent death of a 27-year-old refugee from Iraq. The accused’s brother, H., and her partner at the time, A., were already convicted of malicious murder in 2018. The regional court saw it as proven that the two Germans used a pretext to lure the Iraqi into the dunes of the North Sea island in April 2017 and killed him there. Then they buried the body in the sand. She wasn’t found until months later.

According to the court, A. saw pictures shortly before the crime that showed his girlfriend with the fugitive in an apparently familiar situation. She denied having an affair with him, which her partner didn’t believe. On the day of the crime, she told A. that she had been raped by the Iraqi. A. asked his girlfriend if he should kill or kill the 27-year-old. According to the information provided, the defendant answered this question in the affirmative. The Chamber is convinced that the defendant fabricated the rape.

The court assumes that the accused recognized that her partner at the time could potentially kill the 27-year-old and she accepted this with approval.

A conviction for being an accessory to the Heimt├╝cke murder was out of the question, even though the two young men were convicted of it. Aid to the Heimt├╝cke murder would only have existed if the accused knew the exact circumstances of the planned killing and had encouraged the perpetrators in their plan, as the court spokesman said. However, according to the court, that was not the case here.