The Association of Juristes Valencians has convened this coming Wednesday, June 29, a rally to defend Valencian Civil Law, which will coincide with the debate in the plenary session of the Valencian Courts of a non-law proposal, presented by the parliamentary groups Socialist, Popular, Compromís and Unides-Podem, to ask the Cortes Generales for “agility” in the pending constitutional reform of article 49 and that, at the same time, the recovery of Valencian Civil Law be included in that process.

The president of Les Corts Valenciana has called for the Valencian society to support and participate in this concentration, which will take place at 7:30 p.m. in the Plaza de la Virgen de Valencia, the Valencian parliament reported in a statement.

In the reform of the Statute of Autonomy of the year 2006, the Valencian Civil Law was recovered, as one of the axes of self-government, which made it possible to approve its own laws such as those of the matrimonial economic regime, family relationships of sons and daughters with non-cohabiting parents or the law of formalized de facto unions. All these legal provisions were annulled by three rulings of the Constitutional Court, which thus emptied the regulatory powers in civil matters to Les Corts.

Since then, the Associació de Juristes Valencians has been working to defend Valencian Civil Law, and to unite the different Valencian political formations, trade unions, universities, city councils, business associations, professional associations and cultural associations from different fields to claim together a constitutional reform that “includes the recognition of the capacity of the representatives of the Valencian people to be able to legislate on civil matters”.

In this line of work, the association got the Valencian Courts to present in the Congress of Deputies the bill for the reform of the second additional provision of the Constitution, for the effective reintegration of the Valencian Civil Law. This proposal was published in the Official Gazette of the Cortes Generales on February 28, 2020 and is still awaiting parliamentary processing.

Likewise, the reform of article 49 of the Constitution is pending, although in a “more advanced” state, to replace the word “disabled” with a term “more respectful” of people with different abilities. The association asks that the two reforms be carried out “jointly and as soon as possible.”

In fact, from the Spanish Committee of Representatives of People with Disabilities (CERMI-State), they have already stated in a letter to the President of the Parliament that “there is no problem” on their part so that “the Valencian reform goes together with the reform of article 49”, have pointed out from the Association of Juristes Valencians.

For all these reasons, in the non-law proposal that will be debated in the Valencian parliament on Wednesday, June 29, the Cortes will be asked to urge the Consell to contact the Secretary of State for Relations with the Cortes and Constitutional Affairs so that it can claim in the Congress that, “as soon as possible”, the complete parliamentary procedure is completed.

In addition, the vote in the plenary session of the chamber of the bill that the Valencian Courts approved on February 5, 2020, will be demanded, and that this reform, “for procedural economy”, be made jointly with that of article 49 of the Constitution.

Finally, the proposal will also request the support of the Valencian parliament for the concentration for “the defense of the recovery of the legislative capacity in civil matters of the Valencian people, as well as civil rights and self-government, as prescribed by the Statute of Autonomy” .