The leader of the ERC, Oriol Junqueras, has accused JxCat of distancing itself from the agreement to reform the Language Policy Law by putting “partisan interests” and “conflict” first, and has called for “generosity, responsibility and a sense of country” in the defense of Catalan at school.

In a conference during a breakfast-colloquium organized by the New Economy Forum, the president of the Republicans “regretted” JxCat’s decision to withdraw from the consensus it had reached with PSC-Units, ERC and En Comú Podem to reform the law that seeks defend the educational model in Catalonia, which has triggered a new crisis between the two pro-independence partners of the Government.

Junqueras has said that his party is “always delighted to reach an understanding with everyone in whatever way possible” and find “positive agreements with whomever possible”, as long as this does not imply a “betrayal” of the model that ERC defends and that it considers “Useful”.

“Undoubtedly, the educational model is useful and we can even improve it. It is clear that the language must be defended. If any language needs special protection, it is Catalan. We are very sorry that for partisan reasons and because someone believes that conflict , decide to go back on the firm and what it has always defended,” he said of Junts’ decision.

In any case, he has considered that work must now be done to “regain consensus”, for which he has called for “everyone to act responsibly, generously, to act with a desire to serve the country and to put the country on ahead of their party interests and even the interests of parties within a party”.

Junqueras has made it clear that although ERC is willing to understand everyone, “it is not responsible for the attitude of others”; and he has demanded to act with respect “not only for the ERC or the president of the Generalitat, but also for Catalan society.”

And he has said that he is “absolutely legitimate” to claim that “generosity, responsibility and sense of country that no one should ever lose and that President Pere Aragonès undoubtedly now embodies”.

The former vice-president of the Government has defended that language education “can never be a question of percentages, which clearly do not adapt to a reality that is always much more complex and plural”.

And he has once again underlined that “if a language needs special protection, even more protection, it is Catalan, not only because it is Catalonia’s own language, but also because it is, above all, a guarantee of inclusion and equal opportunities”.

At the event, among the personalities present was precisely the general secretary of JxCat, Jordi Sànchez; ERC Deputy Secretary General Marta Vilalta; councilors such as Laura Vilagrà (Presidency), Josep Gonzàlez-Cambray (Education), Joan Ignasi Elena (Interior), Natàlia Garriga (Culture); the leader of ERC in Barcelona, ​​Ernest Maragall; or Josep Sánchez Llibre (Foment), Camil Ros (UGT) or Javier Pacheco (CCOO), among others.