The leader of the Popular Party, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, this Friday raised a battery of questions to the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, including whether the “change” in Spain’s position regarding the resolution of the Western Sahara conflict “has to see” with spying on your mobile phone.

In this way, Feijóo slips in an interview on RNE that the change in Spain’s position regarding Western Sahara could be related to the attack on the cell phone of Sánchez and other members of the Government, and denounces that the Government has “deceived” the Spaniards with the dismissal of Paz Esteban as director of the National Intelligence Center (CNI).

He has accused the government of “not having clarified a single question” about the alleged espionage on the 65 pro-independence leaders and the attack on the telephones of Sánchez, the Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, and the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska. , and regrets that the Executive has done “the easiest thing”, which is “hand over the head of the director of the CNI” to the independentistas.

Feijóo considers that “the logical thing” at this juncture would be for Sánchez to appear “immediately” in Congress and, “of course”, before meeting with the president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, in Catalonia “to deliver the letter of welcome showing the head of the director of the CNI”.

In this sense, he has rejected that Esteban’s dismissal is due to the flaw in the security of the President of the Government’s cell phone because the Executive “has said publicly and in writing” that this matter was the responsibility of the Ministry of the Presidency.

“Therefore, why are we being lied to so much?” asked Feijóo, who asks Sánchez to clarify whether he complied with the protocols to check his phone, clarify whether the phone spied on is public or private, and receive this information in Commission for the Control of Credits Allocated to Reserved Expenses.

It is then that he questioned whether the information stolen from the Prime Minister “can lead to a weakening” of his position “in international relations” and whether the attack on his phone “has to do with the change in the historical consensus position on Algeria, the Sahara, Morocco and the UN”.

In this context, Feijóo insists that Sánchez appear before the Lower House as soon as possible and guarantees that the PP will vote against the investigation commission proposed by the independence parties because he wants to know “the president’s version” first.

The Galician warns that “it would be a lack of rigor and dignity” of Congress on the part of Sánchez if the head of the Executive decides that the independentistas be held accountable before appearing in the Lower House.

The popular also guarantees that they are “at the disposal” of the Government if Sánchez wants to transfer information to the PP and points out that they do not have an “opposite position” to the declassification of documents.

Lastly, he again defended that the CNI’s actions have been in accordance with the law because it had 18 judicial authorizations to investigate the independence leaders. In parallel, she affirms that Paz Esteban is “an excellent official, who has fulfilled her duty and has made all her decisions in a legal and motivated manner.” “And all this is said by the Minister of Defense,” she sentenced.