JuJu Smith Schuster, a wide receiver for the Steelers, signed this offseason with the Chiefs. He’s not yet ready to leave Pittsburgh.

Smith-Schuster appeared in Pittsburgh, where he said that he enjoyed his time there and may return to the sport before his career ends.

“I could easily see myself returning here. Smith-Schuster stated via KTKA that even today, it is a great sign that there are still people who support me.

Smith-Schuster signed autographs for fans and took photos with them at a charity fundraiser. He said that he wanted to show his appreciation and let the fans know how much he appreciates them.

It was very important. Smith-Schuster stated that it was an honor to return. “I was here for five years, and it was great to return to the place where I began my career. You move so quickly when you sign and move to a new team. I literally packed all my stuff and moved. I couldn’t stop chatting with the fans. It’s really cool what we are doing today.”

Smith-Schuster has signed a one year contract with the Chiefs. He’ll be a free agent after nine months and can sign anywhere. Perhaps in Pittsburgh.