This man may be the key to solving this case. Marco, a former prisoner of Cedric Jbillar, stated that Delphine was murdered on the night December 15-16 2020 in an interview with “Le Parisien”. They were both neighbors in Seysses prison (Haute-Garonne), between August and October 2021. Marco has a long criminal record. He has been convicted of rape and torture with barbarism, perjury, and threats to commit crime against prison guards.

These few months are when the cell neighbours sympathize with Cedric and Marco gives Cedric (who is a big user) “a little hash”, to him as well as to other people. Delphine allegedly confessed that her husband had smoked to her. Marco claims that Cedric stabbed Delphine before burying him not far from the place where it would have burned. “He also told me about two large trees, but he didn’t give any explanation.”

Marco tells a prison guard about what Marco heard before being connected with the Gendarmerie. He says, “I’m not an idiot” to defend himself to the “Parisian”. He wouldn’t have acted in his own interest and wants to see the truth and for Delphine’s children to know where her mother is.

He claims that the three-week-long excavations at the end January 2022 in large quantities near the home of the Jubillar spouses, and the Tarn farm where they were burned down did not produce any results.

The former detainee was confronted by journalists from “Le Parisien” and replied that he knew parts of the investigation that were not known to the public. “I also had elements written from Cedric’s hand that Cedric sent to me.

On May 12, Marco and Cedric were brought before the justice system. The justice system was able to confront Marco and Cedric on May 12.