The vast majority of Americans agree that meaningful gun safety legislation and regulation is needed at a time when Americans feel divided.

Joe Burrow, the Bengals’ quarterback, was a straightforward advocate on Tuesday for common-sense restrictions that many of us support.

Burrow stated that despite the current situation, it was impossible to ban all guns. I don’t believe you should be allowed to simply walk in and buy one. To buy such a thing, you have to be able go through a thorough process. Hopefully, those who are paid to make these decisions will figure it out. “My job is to play football. But hopefully, the politicians can figure it out.”

They will, and they have been elected to reflect the will of the people and not the interests of special interests. There are some progresses. It will take much more before most Americans’ wishes are fully reflected in the laws.

Many Americans want a better explanation for the need for assault rifles, other than to shoot varmints or anything else. Anyone who believes that an assault rifle is necessary for protection against the government should do some research on the depth and breadth of the arsenal held by the armed forces.

You can start with tanks and jets.