Javi Ruiz was able to win the first round at Marbella Master without any major difficulties. He won 6-2 and 3-3, with Javi Rico from Valencia, against Gonzalo Rubio (and Jorge Ruiz) in a match that lasted nearly an hour and a quarter. They won the match and were able to advance to round 16. Here they will face Juan Lebron and Alejandro Galan, who are the number one couple in the world rankings.

The game started out even but the player from Granada quickly brought his best qualities to the table to win the duel. The first service break was made in the fifth game. Javi Ruiz was astonished and Javi Rico felt a lot more confident. They won the game from the net, scoring many points. They also had confidence in their service, which helped them gain a better score. They were focused on the game and did not allow their opponents to get away with it. They did not let the first trick slip by them.

They were worse in the second set. Jorge Ruiz and Gonzalo Rubio took a risk with their shots and found themselves in a disadvantage on scoreboards. They managed to get a break to make it 0-2 in their favor. Javi Ruiz, Javi Rico didn’t seem to be too bothered by this. They kept pressing and won the break in the next game. The two couples were unable to continue their service from that point on. After the 2-3, the player from Granada and the teammate became more coordinated and imposed a faster pace to nearly overwhelm their opponents. They won four consecutive games and made two more breaks, thus securing their place in the round 16 of Marbella’s tournament.

Miguel Yanguas, Motril’s player, will be playing this Thursday. He beat Jose Jimenez from Alcudia De Guadix and Martin S. Pineiro on Tuesday. Now, Coki Nieto will face Alejandro Ruiz and Jeronimo Gonzalez to reach the quarterfinals.

Lucia Martinez will be paired with Esther Carnicero in the women’s draw. They will take on Delfi Brea (a couple with the highest ranking) in round 16. Teresa Navarro, for her part will be involved in a complex duel. She will be playing against Marta Marrero as well as Lucia Sainz.