Lake Garda in Italy is one of the most popular holiday destinations for Germans. At least from the south of the country it is easy to reach by car, and the area also offers a pleasant climate and a beautiful landscape.

The region benefits from tourism, but also suffers from the fact that some travelers like to behave recklessly. However, this can have sensitive financial consequences: Strict rules apply to the bathing beaches, which are also checked by the police. Anyone who doesn’t comply and is caught doing so faces fines of up to 600 euros, reports the Italian daily “l’Adige”.

According to the newspaper, the code of conduct lists very precisely what is not permitted. This includes soccer games at the lake as well as other games “where you run, throw objects, push or pull things or people”. Loud music, making music independently with instruments, skinny dipping or splashing by passers-by are also prohibited. Animals and bicycles are also not allowed.

In addition, there are also bans away from the beaches: men in the towns on the Veronese shore (including Malcesine) in the city center are not allowed to walk around shirtless. Women who only wear a bathing suit are also breaking the rules.

According to “l’Adige”, the penalty ranges from 100 to 600 euros – and is apparently also enforced. On one Saturday alone, there were reports against around 100 young people and adults. Previously, there had apparently been complaints about the reckless behavior of some bathers. “The beaches of Lake Garda must be places where all residents and tourists can enjoy the beauty of nature and enjoy rest and relaxation,” said local police chief Filippo Paoli.

Sources: “L’Adige” / “Gardasee-Zeitung”

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