Real Madrid is already a history with Isco. The bittersweet feeling that the Andalusian-born footballer had the ability to make a bigger impact on Chamartin club, and not just be a player who is barely remaining, was what drove Isco from Malaga to announce that he will leave the place he called home since 2014.

“When I was in Malaga, I knew that I had to go. I was engaged to another team. Real Madrid knocked at my door, and Real Madrid could not and should not tell me no, even though there are always exceptions. “Begins the Benalmadena soccer player, in a dart towards Kylian Mbappe’s decision to continue in Paris Saint-Germain, which accompanies the emoticon of the turtle, the animal that is associated with the French star.

“I can remember telling my friends: “Fuck, Madrid hasn’t won the Champions League in many years and it feels like it’s about to collapse.” The TENTH came, and everything else is history. Nine years later, it’s time for me to leave the club that made it possible to realize all my childhood dreams.

“Aside from fulfilling my dreams, winning more titles that I could have imagined, playing with incredible people, and meeting amazing people, I HAVE PASSED IT FROM F*** MASTER AND LET THEM TAKE MY DAWN FROM ME. I am sure I will keep the good, and I hope you are too. “Thank you!” concludes Andalusian who leaves Madrid with 352 games and 51 goals, 56 assists, 19 trophies, and the chance to be a participant in one of the most important stages of the club’s history.