Cleveland-Cliffs Inc. (NYSE: CLF) has seen a 29% decrease in its stock price over the past three months, causing some investors to overlook the company. However, a closer look at its key financial indicators reveals that there may be potential for long-term growth. In this article, we will focus on Cleveland-Cliffs’ Return on Equity (ROE).

ROE is a measure of how effectively a company is utilizing investor funds to generate profit. It shows the amount of profit that each dollar of shareholder investment produces. For Cleveland-Cliffs, the ROE is calculated as 5.9%, which is derived from a net profit of US$439 million divided by shareholders’ equity of US$7.4 billion over the trailing twelve months to March 2024.

When looking at the relationship between ROE and earnings growth, companies with higher ROE and profit retention tend to have a higher growth rate compared to those without these features. Although Cleveland-Cliffs’ ROE of 5.9% may seem low, the company has shown a modest net income growth of 11% over the past five years. However, this growth rate is lower than the industry average of 25% during the same period.

Earnings growth plays a significant role in stock valuation, as it reflects the market’s expectations for a company’s future performance. By comparing a company’s price-to-earnings ratio with its industry peers, investors can gauge whether the stock is undervalued or overvalued.

Since Cleveland-Cliffs does not pay regular dividends, it is reinvesting all its profits back into the business. While this strategy can support growth, the company’s low ROE indicates that there may be room for improvement in utilizing retained earnings more effectively.

In conclusion, Cleveland-Cliffs shows potential for growth with its earnings trajectory and reinvestment strategy. However, optimizing the use of retained earnings could lead to higher earnings growth. Analyst forecasts suggest that the company’s earnings are expected to increase in the future. Investors should conduct further research and analysis to make informed decisions about investing in Cleveland-Cliffs.

This article provides general information and analysis based on historical data and analyst forecasts. It is not financial advice and does not consider individual financial situations. Readers are encouraged to contact the editorial team at Simply Wall St for any concerns about the content.