The legislature pact between ERC and Junts sets out in detail the coordination mechanisms and their members. On Monday, like every week, the so-called 3×3 met with Jordi Sànchez, Albert Batet and Ricard Font on behalf of Junts. Sànchez will make way for Jordi Turull as general secretary and it is assumed that he will be the one to take over at the table with ERC. Sànchez’s intention is to make it effective before June 4. However, the pact with Borràs to divide the executive functions 50% and Batet’s step back causes some concern in ERC about the dialogue with the partners of the Government. Borràs and Pere Aragonès go to a 4×4 when required. In parallel, Laura Vilagrà and Jordi Puigneró are becoming regulars at Monday meetings.