Federal Justice Minister Marco Buschmann has spoken out in favor of a labeling requirement for images and films generated using artificial intelligence (AI). “Image material that was produced using artificial intelligence should, in my opinion, be identified as such. Because images convey the feeling of authenticity. That can be misused,” said the FDP politician to the Editorial Network Germany (RND).

Labeling does not stand in the way of creative work. “But it would be easier to recognize whether an image is a work of art or a depiction of reality.”

When asked whether he saw a need for legal regulation against propaganda, hate speech and false reports in social networks like Tiktok, Buschmann said: “We certainly don’t want to prohibit opinions from being expressed in these networks – and they can also seem out of place or unreasonable.” Freedom of expression is a valuable asset and also applies to the networks.

“But there are limits: insults, threats, calls to hate people, the publication of so-called lists of enemies, and anti-constitutional propaganda are also criminal offenses on the Internet. We have to enforce the applicable law.” With constitutional pressure, the provider Telegram, for example, was able to remove criminal content. “Telegram has deleted channels and closed groups where such content was shared.”