“God Save the Queen!” Over the next few days, the English national anthem will likely be sung again and again. The United Kingdom is planning to celebrate the 96th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II and the 70 years of Elizabeth II’s reign. The country will host the platinum jubilee, which will take place from June 2 through 5. For the occasion, two holidays were declared.

Prince Harry should travel with Meghan Markle, his little Archie (3-years old), and Lilibeth (who has never met his great grandmother and will be celebrating his first birthday on June 4).

London will be undoubtedly the center of all the celebrations, but more than 200,000 events have been planned across the country and beyond. The program:

Since 1896, the British sovereign has been celebrating his public birthday in June. This is to take advantage of the milder weather. This year, June 2 was chosen to commemorate the Queen’s 96th Birthday. Officially, the festivities will be launched by the traditional Troops of the Colour ceremony, the military parade. The parade will feature more than 1,500 soldiers and musicians, as well as members of the royal family who will be seen on Buckingham Palace’s grand balcony. The Royal Air Force planes are sure to make an appearance.

A spokesperson for the royal family stated that the balcony will only be open to “members who work full-time for Crown” Prince Harry and his family will need to see another perspective.

More than 2,800 signal light bulbs will be lit in the evening at the palace and 54 Commonwealth capitals across five continents. The illuminated lanterns will be visible on the nine bridges that span the Thames in London, the iconic BT Tower in London, and several cathedrals in England. The symbol of unity between cities, countries, and continents is represented by the lanterns

In London’s St. Paul’s Cathedral, a Mass of Thanksgiving will take place. For this occasion, the bell of the Great Paul (Great Paul bell), will be rung. The bell dates back to 1882 and is the largest church in the nation. It broke in 1970. It was fixed last year, and it has sounded eight times since. All members of the royal family will be able, regardless of their status, to attend the religious service this time.

The royal family will be received at the City of London’s old town hall after the service.

The queen should enjoy the afternoon. She should be passionate about horse racing and attend the Epsom Derby surrounded by her entire family.

Later that evening, they will return to London for an enormous concert in front Buckingham Palace. A huge stage has been set up. Among the many singers who have been announced are Duran Duran and Alicia Keys, Diana Ross, Adam Lambert, and Duran Duran. To select the lucky few who can attend, a lottery system was set up.

This is the last day of this jubilee. It’s fitting to conclude it with the Big English Brunch. This brunch celebrates the bonds between neighbours within a family, or community. The residents are provided with kits containing flags and cooking recipes, as well as other gadgets.

The Jubilee Pageant is a parade of 3 km that will pass through London’s streets. The procession will follow the famous avenue The Mall from Buckingham Palace. The procession will include celebrities, artists, soldiers from various parts of the army and deserving or highly distinguished citizens. The parade will be hosted by Ed Sheeran, a British singer. He should perform the national anthem.

The Queen plans to attend the Colour Salute’ ceremony and the horse races. Unfortunately, his current health is not able to allow him to take part in the Jubilee Pageant. It will all depend on the day.