The town of Pomfret in the US state of Vermont has just over 300 households, and less than a thousand people live there. But things regularly get crowded in the tranquil town – whenever autumn comes.

Because with autumn the influencers also fall into Pomfret. The town is picturesque and quiet, and is particularly beautiful when the colorful foliage covers its paths. At least that’s how people see it when they head to Pomfret to take the perfect Instagram photo in September or October. The residents don’t think much of this popularity in their homeland; they feel overrun by influencers and are now defending themselves against it.

This year, visitors are to be discouraged from coming to the city. US media report that two access roads were closed for three weeks. Only residents of Pomfret are allowed to pass through. The main purpose of this is to ensure that the path to Sleepy Hollow Farm is blocked. The old property shines in particular splendor in autumn and is a popular motif for Instagrammers. Access to the private house is actually forbidden – but many tourists don’t care about that.

Much to the displeasure of residents: “People come and walk across my private property, they pee on the side of the road,” complains a neighbor of the farm to “USA Today.” Some of the visitors would bring special disguises to take photos on the spot. The locals are not only concerned about their peace and privacy, they are also worried that traffic jams near the farm could hold up ambulances, for example.

The number of tourists has risen steadily in recent years and the rush has caused “significant problems” in the areas of safety, environment, aesthetics and quality of life, the local board states in its justification for the temporary road closures. Some residents have collected donations online to help fund security measures. They report that sometimes hundreds of visitors come at once: While the spot was previously an insider tip that spread through word of mouth, in the age of Instagram and TikTok it is now known everywhere.

Sources:  “USA Today” / City of Pomfret / GoFundMe

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