The 2021-2022 Income campaign faces its final stretch. Thus, in accordance with the calendar established by the Tax Agency, taxpayers can already make their previous appointment for the face-to-face attention of the income statement corresponding to the year 2021, starting this Thursday, May 26, although it will be on June 1 when it will begin to assist citizens in their offices for the preparation and presentation of documents.

In addition to filing online through the agency’s website ( and the mobile application, taxpayers less accustomed to new technologies who require personalized assistance also have this year at their disposal from the beginning of May. the “We Call You” plan

, an alternative to face-to-face assistance in offices.

The filing period will end on June 30 for declarations both to be deposited and to be returned, although the term for declarations to be deposited by direct debit will end on June 27.

In general, taxpayers have to file a personal income tax return when their income from work exceeds 22,000 euros. However, when they have two or more payers -it would be the case of an employer and the SEPE-, that limit is reduced to 14,000 euros if the amount received by the second and other payers exceeds 1,500 euros.