A 27-year-old passenger stripped naked on board a plane to Sofia shortly before departure from Munich, screamed loudly and finally bit a federal police officer in the arm.

“The colleague had to stop working and immediately sought medical treatment, but was back on duty on Saturday,” said a federal police spokesman on Sunday. The woman was taken to a psychiatric hospital after the incident on Friday evening, the other passengers flew three and a half hours late towards the Bulgarian capital.

“The passengers were already on board, that was shortly before departure,” said federal police spokesman Stefan Bayer. Suddenly, for unknown reasons, the 27-year-old undressed completely and started screaming loudly.

Even when persuaded by flight attendants and police officers, she did not get dressed again, which is why the federal police officer put a blanket around her. “During this attempt, the woman suddenly bit her colleague in the left forearm.” The woman received charges of resisting law enforcement officers, assault and assault.