The long weekend of Ascension is filled to capacity at Ile de Re! This is evident in the figures for the toll on the bridge of Re located near La Rochelle. On Wednesday, May 25, 2017, 17184 vehicles crossed the barriers in order to enter the Ile de Re. This caused significant delays on the La Rochelle road ring road during the afternoon and a jam on the bridge towards Rivedoux.

Last year, Ascension Eve fell Wednesday, May 13th, and “only” 15,308 vehicles had been counted. This is 12.25% increase in 2022 for Wednesday. It is the traditional busiest day on this long weekend.

Another 12,917 vehicles exceeded the limit on Thursday Ascension, an increase of 8% over the 11,961 vehicles last year. This is a good sign for a busy Ascension bridge, both on the roads of Ile de Re and along the entire Charente Maritime coast.

In fact, the number of tourists who visit the Ile de Re bridge is one indicator of their tourism numbers. Despite May 1 and 8 falling on Sundays, the 2022 season seems to be off at a good start.