Maria de los Angeles Rozalen, a psychologist (Albacete 1986), would be a great singer if she didn’t have an office. People write to me asking for songs on difficult topics because I work with sensitive topics. Now, she’s just released ‘Agarrarte a la Vida’, a song about the suicide pandemic. She admits that she was already working on it.

He was probably running from the subject a little.

-I was fleeing. This is like many other things I studied in my degree. It is very difficult for this to be understood. Psychopathology is one example. That someone takes their own life. It was 18 years ago when I first studied it. I wanted to live and now I can. There are also close cases that touch us. It’s now, and it was before it wasn’t.

Because she has a friend who’s suffering.

-Yes. It is easier to sing a song if you have a personal story behind it. This friend has been my muse. For a long time, she has been feeling depressed. I asked him for everything he had in his head and he wrote me. I’ve also read suicide letters, which have touched me deeply. Professionals have been a part of my life. Because I made huge mistakes at the beginning, it has been transformed until it is as accurate as possible.

It is difficult to speak to someone who is suicidal.

-No. This song was written by someone who loves and wants to be there for her in pain. It is hoped that it will be of use to those who are already in the well.

-She could be described as a music psychologist.

-There are songs that I use therapeutically. They start with me. And there are psychologists who say they use them as a tool. My two vocations are combined.

-And who is your friend?

-He is in the process. Let’s see… Although he seems excited about the song, it is still early days. I hope to be able to say that all is well in the next few months.

It is difficult to believe that suicide is the leading cause unnatural death in this country.

-We are expected to excel in all things. It seems as though what isn’t full is not worth it in social networks. It is necessary to feel happy, even if it is an obligation. No. Sadness is a part of human life.

Do celebrities’ postures cause pain?

Not just the well-known. Everybody wants to share the best parts of their lives and this can lead to the false assumption that social media is reality. It is enough to look at my profile and see what I do when I’m sad or messed up. I don’t pretend to be a beautiful aunt. I just show who I am. It seems like other people are also like that. It is important to discuss vulnerability.

– Have your eyes ever been engulfed in the darkness of suicide?

It is a thought that everyone has at one time or another. Yes, there have been times when I felt very sad. Hormonal adolescence can make you feel even more lost. Despite having suffered from anxiety and stress, I have not been close to suicide. In times of crisis, one can evolve.

Are you a person who is very important?

-Nerd. It is an error. Is happiness life? No. No. It is okay to cry. In February, my father passed away and I’m in a period of grief. I feel sadness but also appreciate everything that happens in my life. I am blessed to have a father who is incredibly sensitive and has shown me lots of love. Although I’m learning to overcome this sadness, I believe it will remain there for all eternity.

What is your passion in life?

-Many things. I’m a very happy aunt. It is a joy to wake up knowing I will have breakfast. Every moment of my day is enjoyable. However, if I can’t see the light I ask for help. I go to therapy.