By using special baking paper for hot air fryers, dirt residue in the device can be significantly reduced. Nevertheless, the inserts cannot prevent a fine lubricant film from forming in the interior over time. This can have a negative impact on air circulation – not to mention the lack of hygiene that food leftovers promote. To ensure that the air fryer does not lose quality, neither in taste nor in performance, basic cleaning is essential. You can find out which cleaning products you can use to clean the housing, the interior and the heating coil as follows.

Since food is prepared in a hot air fryer, aggressive cleaners should not be used. Instead, rely on tried-and-tested home remedies that almost everyone has at home – such as dishwashing liquid, baking soda or vinegar. Alternatively, you can also use fresh lemons:

Extra tip: Do you already know the “lemon method”? To do this, fill the outer basket of the Aifryer halfway with water. Then add the juice of two to three freshly squeezed lemons and switch the device on at the highest level for a maximum of 20 minutes. Allow the hot air fryer to cool briefly before pouring out the contents, rinsing out the basket and wiping the inside of the device and letting it dry: the citric acid should dissolve even the most stubborn incrustations as if by magic.

Important: First unplug the air fryer before you start cleaning. The device should also be completely cooled down.

Take a soft cloth (please not a sponge as it could scratch the surface), hold it under warm water and add a squirt of detergent to it. Now wipe the outside of the hot air fryer housing clean and then dry it with a clean kitchen towel – this will avoid unsightly water stains.

Take the frying basket out of the device and clean it by hand with a soft brush – ideally with hot water and a little detergent. Or you can use the lemon method, as described above. Meanwhile, clean the interior with a clean sponge, preferably in combination with hot water and detergent. To remove the soap residue, wipe with a damp cloth. Then let the interior dry before pushing the frying basket in.

Tip: Use a toothbrush to get into hard-to-reach places.

At the end, the heating coil remains: this should also be cleaned, ideally with a soft microfiber cloth that is only slightly damp. If there are stubborn encrustations on the element, remove them with a little washing-up liquid. However, the soap residue must be completely removed afterwards, otherwise it will burn the next time the device is used.

You can take preventative measures to ensure that grease residue and food residue does not accumulate in the hot air fryer – such as:

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